01 August 2010

Make it Alive

Just come back from library, after finishing one big sculpture that is made up from polystrene. Today is quite pack with work that need to be done on the sculpture and it will be displayed tomorrow morning. Public can look for it, at  lobby of IRC, and it will stand there for about two months.

The sculpture is basically means harmonious and happiness of Malaysians that live in this beautiful country. The trust between us is  actually the real meaning of independence.My team members for this project  are around six to seven and they struggle hard to build up this masterpiece .

I really satisfy with the outcome and do not really expect that it will turn like that. Right now, have no pictures to be uploaded, so maybe in next couple of days, I'll upload the picture of the sculpture.

Below is my another sketch which concern about beauty of a girl. I have already do inking and for certain part  it was quite difficult. I just have a vision, to print it on a tshirt and that will be good.

I drew this image on a piece of A4 paper and inked with uniPin Fine Line with size 0.2. So, the next project will be to figure out on how to print it out!!Wish me luck.