31 December 2011

New Year : New Collection

Hey guys! 
Happy New Year 2012

May our years ahead be blessed and happiness will always be with us. So, as assume the title already described everything about my plan throughout the new year. What I wish for 2012 is typical the same with others.

One! to involve in one of art show : I am looking forward for this
two! own a camera probably DSLR : anyone? my birthday perhaps? lol
three! to travel around the world : Yongjakarta here I come! 
four! be a good boy : a bit naughty lol
five! be even more creative and productive artist : I am praying for this 

Thanks for reading my wishlist.
Happy New Year! :)

30 December 2011

PROJECT: hana loo

Currently, I am still working on teaser and header for hana loo blog that happened to be launched this year end. Based on the description by the client, the blog is basically an online  shop that offers a variety range of men and women's wears. It will be published very real soon. For this time being, I already proposed the header and the feedback from the client was not that bad. Below is the blog header.

18 December 2011


Hey people,

Just another set of photos that photographed during my visit to RANTAI.ART.REVISIT event.  The  artworks exhibited were pretty amazing and the bands were really good in performing their songs! Enjoyed them much!Well said the show of all participants in this event were totally awesome and they really shared the best about their passion in arts! So, what's next?

Just have a pleasant day viewing all the photos below. Enjoy! 

Have a good day! 

15 December 2011

December is Awesome

Let see what we have this December! 

A lot of events organized by Eggbash Clothing Company @ Market@Jaya One 4 this end of year. So guys, if you are free and have time to drop by, please do so! Swap your old things with a new branded in Swap Party and for those fashionistas outhere, check yourself out in Handpicked Vendors. Come and check yourself for any vendors in your heart. As what you can find on their Facebook fanpage, there are a lot of super offers waiting for you ! See you there! 

04 December 2011

The Actors Studio Garage Sale @ KLPAC

There will be held a grand garage sale at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre/Pentas Seni Kuala Lumpur (KLPAC) organized by The Actors Studio . For those people who actively participated and  interested in performing arts props, costumes, posters and even limited edition merchandises and etc, please do come here and grab as much as possible to fit inside your wardrobe for the next show! It is the time to get some high! 

Check this event out!
Have a nice day :)

01 December 2011


Another artwork of mine called Burlesque produced at the end of November. As welcoming the great December, here I am serving you with the drawing. For now, I am still working on Mademoisselle : a typical French girl that has a lot of moles and she is freaking weirdo. Check the artwork in my next post!

Have a good day guys!