10 April 2011

Wake Up!

My first post for April 2011. *sigh* I found myself helpless while reaching to the end of the semester. A lot of assignments, works, and projects within this very short time.STRESS!! Only three more weeks left! But, what I am sure at the end, there is always suprise! Singapore! yeay! I will be heading to Singapore this early May (to have a free vacation :D ) and also preparing myself to go for intern.

 Hoping that I can catch the last day of Singapore Biennale 2011 and see all masterpieces  done by the  great artists. I'll miss my friends, my bestie and all amazing experiences they left for me, just for seven months guys! It is not that long rite? To my bestie, wow! you really made my semester!emo3~ :D

Suddenly,I feel like making farewell wish here :D Not to mention it is really too early. Because I believe after this I am not sure to have this ample time updating my blog. Better not I use it now or else wait a month later to come! For the next post, I'll upload my piece ya! :D

Have a nice day! peace (+_+)V