26 November 2010

The Hospital

After a long waiting, finally I'm able to update this blog. Not to mean that I'm free from final examination, just I still have two days for preparing my last paper ^^.

The Hospital with White Uniform Lady

What's new? yup! I would love to share with you guys some picture that were taken during my visit to a hospital around Perak. The previous post already mentioned about the visit. So, take a look on the post if you want to know more.

These are the photos:

This is the aisle that looks like jail structure^^

Scary pink little bear that is owned by one of the patient there^^

From the patient's  eye view(I did sit on the bed, and snapped this picture)^^


Again Experiment^^
Now, it's already 4 a.m. and I'm about to sleep.Those people who'll sit for final paper today, best of luck! Gambatek!!^^

Have a nice Friday!!peace^^

10 November 2010


Amazing!The hospital looks really awesome.The architecture is nice and old-school.I mean it !This evening I was visiting my friend in hospital nearby. I never been there before and do not expect that the hospital has kind a british colonial-look with a few SEROJA plants at the gate.(plant that produces white flowers and smell good which you can always see at the cemetry +_+)Cool! ^^ 

There was Malay traditional crafting along the roof ( I'm not sure, but it looks very classic). The wards were open space where connected directly to the veranda (yeah, even you can yell to your friend from the hospital compound!^^) whereby you can play peek-a-boo while visiting your friend. Luckily,my friend brought his DSLR camera and I was excitedly used it like crazy.

I could say that the DSLR was in my hand for the whole day!yeah!! A lot of pictures were snapped and some of them looked totally creepy and horror. With gloomy and quiet surrounding, faded paint on the wall, an old chair beside the bed that was waiting for people to sit on it, a dusty fan that was rotating endlessly while you can hear its sound.crack!crack! +_+ and you could hear voices from the patient nearby and also saw nurses were changing old patient's pampers. It really made you behave for a while. Nope, for a second! You can't stop yourself to take pictures inside this hospital.^^

So, this is my latest design (using the same subject):

My second trial
Want to see the hospital's pictures? Wait for the next post!

08 November 2010


Have a short break after 3 hours studying and memorizing facts and info. Pathetically, 3 hours per chapter! Nice^^.Software Engineering very interesting subject and I bet you'll love it as I am.Unfortunately, its unable to make me feel interested.Sorry V_V. While I'm updating my blog, the lecture notes are waiting for me to be read perhaps to be used as my pillow later on.Yeah,pillow!

 Leave my study for a while, I want to share something with you guys about my latest design. Yeah, I can say it is my first serious attempt to come out with digital design, but still using my conventional artwork. The diferent is : the artwork being modified by using photoshop CS3 (the only photo manipulation software that I know to use). The result really simple and nothing to be impressed (I still impressed with myself^^)so do not dare to compare with people who already expert then.^^

Check this out!

My first trial
Maybe after this, I will come out with new design, by using the same subject.~peace~

06 November 2010

Artist of the Day: KWON KYUNG YUP

She is very simple women and just look like an ordinary Korean artist. But Kwon Kyung Yup has talent that I really adore and maybe some of you will feel that too .

Her ability to paint ,till extend the dramatic painting looks way to real and you can feels the emotion of the subject.Don't believe me?

This is Kwon Kyung Yup
Trust me and take a look at her artworks. As established artist, she already involved with a lot of exhibitions in and outside Korea.

Check her website to know about her more, and of course there are a lot of gorgeous and artistics masterpieces. Sometimes, you won't believe your eyes! Amazing!

Click this to see the source
Click this to see the source

Click here to see the source

Click here to see the source

Click here to see the source
Cool rite? Hopefully, one day I can become like her in a way of skills and perhaps the medium. Oil painting.  It is kind a hard but why shouldn't I try?~peace~

Tulip 1

Fuhh~ I was just coming back from my favourite fast food restaurant!McDonald I'm loving it!Had a very short discussion with the tulip's commisioner and it took almost three hours? wasn't short though.

She really satisfied with the final product but she wanted to add her name at the middle of the tulip's stem. I suggested to put her name in such of traditional font. The best thing was, her name start with letter F, it was'nt easy to create the typography for that particular alphabet.

Click this to see the source

Click this to see the source
Now, I'm figuring out the way to make this letter looks awesome and do some reference at my fav typography site and freelance artist in internet.hell yeah, the F design is really cool!Check my reference then.~peace~

05 November 2010


Just finished my drawing, the subject is "tulip". Simple yet hopefully, it really suit to the commisioner. Not a bed of tulips, just a single elastic and erect stem with six petals large bloom flower at the end. 

By using A4 paper and different range of pencils (2H, 2B, 3B), within two hours I managed to make it as my end artwork. By today, I should hand in the drawing and really hope the impression will be there.

This is my reference picture:


 Just wait for my next post. Probably, I'll upload the final drawing of the tulip. Right now, still finding a camera to capture the picture. See you soon!~peace~