31 December 2011

New Year : New Collection

Hey guys! 
Happy New Year 2012

May our years ahead be blessed and happiness will always be with us. So, as assume the title already described everything about my plan throughout the new year. What I wish for 2012 is typical the same with others.

One! to involve in one of art show : I am looking forward for this
two! own a camera probably DSLR : anyone? my birthday perhaps? lol
three! to travel around the world : Yongjakarta here I come! 
four! be a good boy : a bit naughty lol
five! be even more creative and productive artist : I am praying for this 

Thanks for reading my wishlist.
Happy New Year! :)

30 December 2011

PROJECT: hana loo

Currently, I am still working on teaser and header for hana loo blog that happened to be launched this year end. Based on the description by the client, the blog is basically an online  shop that offers a variety range of men and women's wears. It will be published very real soon. For this time being, I already proposed the header and the feedback from the client was not that bad. Below is the blog header.

18 December 2011


Hey people,

Just another set of photos that photographed during my visit to RANTAI.ART.REVISIT event.  The  artworks exhibited were pretty amazing and the bands were really good in performing their songs! Enjoyed them much!Well said the show of all participants in this event were totally awesome and they really shared the best about their passion in arts! So, what's next?

Just have a pleasant day viewing all the photos below. Enjoy! 

Have a good day! 

15 December 2011

December is Awesome

Let see what we have this December! 

A lot of events organized by Eggbash Clothing Company @ Market@Jaya One 4 this end of year. So guys, if you are free and have time to drop by, please do so! Swap your old things with a new branded in Swap Party and for those fashionistas outhere, check yourself out in Handpicked Vendors. Come and check yourself for any vendors in your heart. As what you can find on their Facebook fanpage, there are a lot of super offers waiting for you ! See you there! 

04 December 2011

The Actors Studio Garage Sale @ KLPAC

There will be held a grand garage sale at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre/Pentas Seni Kuala Lumpur (KLPAC) organized by The Actors Studio . For those people who actively participated and  interested in performing arts props, costumes, posters and even limited edition merchandises and etc, please do come here and grab as much as possible to fit inside your wardrobe for the next show! It is the time to get some high! 

Check this event out!
Have a nice day :)

01 December 2011


Another artwork of mine called Burlesque produced at the end of November. As welcoming the great December, here I am serving you with the drawing. For now, I am still working on Mademoisselle : a typical French girl that has a lot of moles and she is freaking weirdo. Check the artwork in my next post!

Have a good day guys!

29 November 2011


How about this? This coming December at Bangsar! Check this out! This event on regards to show the power of artworks , art installations, short film preview, music performances from various local artists and also performing arts. There will be shirt for you to grab. The design is not bad! :D

Map to the location


So people out there, please make sure you mark the date. Still don't have idea about what RANTAI.ART is, please see the video above.For more, see this : RANTAI.ART: REVISITHave a nice day!

13 November 2011


Cat! Yes it is. The different for this artwork is not showing the typical cat, instead it is a girl with a cat kind a look. From the photo below, it will be transformed to a cute catgirl as you scroll to the bottom.


The imaginary feline traits are reside inside the girl such as the dazzle and shining crystal eyes, a pair of cat ears and the small little nose on her face. Beautiful is a must for the character.


This artwork was inspired by looking to the stray cats that always abandoned by their owners. By the way, for those who are taking care their pets well, well-done guys!

To all pet lovers, peace! :D

03 November 2011

The Lady in Roses

Hi Guys,

This is another piece from me and now I am a bit crazy with the halftone technique. It does make your drawing looking damn good. For real! So, as in my planning maybe in the next few days or weeks perhaps, I will reveal the best of Vanitas! 
vanitas, ( Latin , "vanity" ) Still Life, oil on wood by Willem Claesz Heda, 1634; in the Museum …
[Credit: Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam]in art, a genre of still-life painting that flourished in the Netherlands in the early 17th century. Avanitas painting contains collections of objects symbolic of the inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures; it exhorts the viewer to consider mortality and to repent. The vanitas evolved from simple picture of skulls and other symbols of death and transience frequently painted on the reverse sides of portraits during the late Renaissance. It had acquired an independent status by c. 1550 and by 1620 had become a popular genre.See more here.

Yup, I already linked the blog owned by one of the Vanitas artist: Fernando Vicente. And here also, I provided with video on how to do halftone dot effects on your image/drawing and credit to Glazefolio Design Blog. Check these blogs out!

Below is the only Lady in Roses!

Lady in Roses

28 October 2011

Kaleidoscope of Lady in Roses

Hi guys,

This is my latest artwork. My first attempt to use kaleidoscope and halftone style. Check all these out! For the real image of Lady in Roses, will be shared in the next post. Wait for the piece ya! Thank you

A method of generating on press or on a laser printer an image that requires varying densities or shades to accurately render the image. This is achieved by representing the image as a pattern of dots of varying size. Larger dots represent darker areas, and smaller dots represent lighter areas of an image.See also: Combination Halftone
Scroll below for the pieces:

27 October 2011

Pop Art

As mentioned in the topic, it is POP ART

pop' art'

"an art movement that began in the U.S. in the 1950s and reached its peak of activity in the 1960s, chose as its subject matter the anonymous, everyday, standardized, and banal iconography in American life, as comic strips, billboards, commercial products, and celebrity images, and dealt with them typically in such forms as outsize commercially smooth paintings, mechanically reproduced silkscreens, large-scale facsimiles, and soft sculptures.See also : Pop Art

Check this Pop Art Gallery > Get Pop Art

Scroll below to see what Google has for pop art: 
Jimmy Choo Pop Art 2008 by Richard Phillips
Another artwork by Richard Phillips
Marilyn Monroe 1967 by Andy Warhol 
Coca-Cola Pop Art by Guy Peellaert
Kakikitaseni Pop Art 2011
Personally, I adore very much artworks presented by Richard Phillips. The way he manipulated his inspiration creatively into Pop Art really amazing, till worldwide known his large-scale glossy hyper-realistic artworks. He used pictorial magazine style and it is kind a trademark for the masterpieces. Cool rite?

So, if you are Pop Art enthusiasts, why don't you try to produce one? It is worth the effort.

24 October 2011

Art Expo Malaysia 2011

Check this out people!

Enough with a glimpse to the masterpieces exhibited last year, it has more to offer.Awesome. This is the space where distinctive arts being displayed. Never been to this event, and this year should try at least once. 63 galleries from 23 countries. And what make it even more good? the organizer has already prepared the shuttle bus too! 

Check the schedule below:

Please don't miss the bus!
So guys, mark this event in your diary! :D

19 October 2011


Morning Guys!

Check out my latest portrait drawing!

Black Swan

18 October 2011


This story is about my trip to Sabah.Yup, last week I went to Sabah. As cliched as what most people say, Sabah is beautiful, indeed it is!The beauty can be seen from the mountain high to the ocean deep.Yeah, not that really you have to climb till the peak of Mount Kinabalu, enough with a glimpse of that majestic mountain.

Do scroll below to enjoy my moments at Sabah!

Mount Kinabalu
The islands? A lot. And not too much if I say , you feel like in a world's paradise.The corals were just inches a way from you. The colours & structures were truly magnificent.The fishes were swimming happily next to you and they were super-duper friendly with people around too.Nothing to worry. 

Eagle view
Oxygen? They were abundant there.Don't say that you have not enough oxygen.Sabah is the main supplier of the precious gas. Famous with absolute nature like flora and fauna till  the   world knows Sabah as the Heart of Borneo. Nowhere else you could discover this nature of thousand-millions age alley as what Sabah can give! 

Manukan Island
Canopy Walk
Plus, what made this trip awesome? Because I went there with people that were really great. Thank you guys!

Great People at Mamutik Island
Awesome People at Jesselton Point
So, plan a journey of yours! Bye :)

13 August 2011

Next spot!

It just one month ahead!So guys, just mark the date on your calendar and put an alarm to make sure you won't miss this awesome event.It is from creative communities for creative people out here.I believe that,  the intention to be inspired and share the ideas to the rest of the world are what creative people strive for! So, just check this event out!

New Logo for KLDW 2011
One of the highlight! 

I got the tentative already!Cannot wait for Pecha Kucha Nite :D

31 July 2011


It seems like this blog has not been updated for the past two months.sigh*
Sorry guys as I'm still in internship period and a lot of incidents happened during the past two months.And there are more to go drawings that never end.Since I have no printer or even scanner, really hope that one day I can upload all the pieces. One to share below: 

Urbanscape 2011
This was exciting event that you feel no regret to spend every single penny.It was awesome men! :D A lot of crafts..mmm..not really... they were ladies stuffs.sigh*

 Vintage t-shirt that looked extremely cool -and the price quite nice too- And the thing that really made it worth was MUSIC BANDS! A lot of talented bands showed their talent there, and I got a button bedge from MOONSHINE-It was cool though-!There were few photography exhibitions and cool lomo stuffs.Not to mention a lot more gorgeous and ravenous ladies on that day! 

Happened to snap some pictures with Liyana Fizi but still not receive the photos yet!Hopefully, next Urbanscape would be better!Cannot wait for 2012! :D

Adios! Happy weekend! :)

18 May 2011


Ok guys, long hibernation makes me feel difficult to express myself again. Yet, while updating this blog, course project is waiting for me still. It is all about hardware and software programming.geez.

 This semester had been very difficult for me and it was the hectic semester ever. A lot of things need to be settled down and you know what, my plan to Singapore was cancelled.No more Singapore Biennale 2011. Everything was perfectly planned and I already made my passport for RM100. I cancelled the trip by myself actually :D but it was no biggie, by the end of this year, I'll make sure Singapore will be mine! :D

Another thing to add. I had a great birthday celebration too. Thanks for the cakes!Thanks for the OldTown sweet moments!Thanks for the wishes!Thanks guys! To my buddy, you are the best! :D

10 April 2011

Wake Up!

My first post for April 2011. *sigh* I found myself helpless while reaching to the end of the semester. A lot of assignments, works, and projects within this very short time.STRESS!! Only three more weeks left! But, what I am sure at the end, there is always suprise! Singapore! yeay! I will be heading to Singapore this early May (to have a free vacation :D ) and also preparing myself to go for intern.

 Hoping that I can catch the last day of Singapore Biennale 2011 and see all masterpieces  done by the  great artists. I'll miss my friends, my bestie and all amazing experiences they left for me, just for seven months guys! It is not that long rite? To my bestie, wow! you really made my semester!emo3~ :D

Suddenly,I feel like making farewell wish here :D Not to mention it is really too early. Because I believe after this I am not sure to have this ample time updating my blog. Better not I use it now or else wait a month later to come! For the next post, I'll upload my piece ya! :D

Have a nice day! peace (+_+)V

23 March 2011

Fara Dyba II

These pictures were taken by FaridMazlan. This basically an experiment towards fashion and portfolio photoshooting. Almost 800 shots in total! So, for those who are interested to know the photographer just click the link!! And please do hire him! :D  You won't regret! As the model and the photographer happy with the pieces, I could say that it was great and really worth it! Thanks FD & FM :D

peace!!Have a nice day :D

09 March 2011

Funeral (Watercolour Part 2)

This is one of favorite piece inside my watercolour collection. It took about one week to finish and I was quite satisfied with this 800x300 sized (acid-free paper) piece. My inspiration were peace sign, bright and cold colours, lilac flower and bohemian abstracts as well! A beautiful lady that close to her death and she did not noticed who will she deal with.

By having Dakota Austin poem that was already describing the meaning of the piece, made it looked even better:D

Have a nice day.peace! (+.+)V

13 February 2011

Amazing Langkawi

This trip was really a splash of joys! To be exact, for 3 days I were there, I really stunted with the pictursque panaromas served by Langkawi.Amazing journey with great friends and it was time to spend money to the max.

Laying down on cold sandy Cenang Beach while looking at the shining stars up on the clear black sky really made you forget all the messy. Time was passing by very fast as you won't realize it was been quite long staring at the hypnotic stars. Famous for it mysterious legends, Langkawi was just another place worth to look for. It was really awesome guys! :D

Have a nice day! peace (+.+)V