22 December 2010

Rantai.Art.Festival 2010

 These are photos taken by my friend, FaridMazlan during Rantai.Art.Festival 2010. Credit to him for these great pieces and yeah, I'd like to call all of  peeps and kiddies out there to come and be a part of this event :D 

I bet you it will be totally awesome (+_+)V

18 December 2010


Not exactly chain but an art event which is known as Rantai Art Festival 2010. So, all kiddies check this cool event out and make yourself free to go :D. For more, just click the link^^

See you there!peace^^

17 December 2010

Sad? perhaps happy

Guys! This is next work done. Basically focus on her eyes and try to smudge at the edge of the veil.So, instead of using line, the smudge by using tortillion help me instead. The crystal eyes, I made it! Actually, I was inspired by looking an Afghan girl named Sharbat Gula.yeahh!

Not run for any editing, this piece is totally original. For current work, I'm still mastering all skills that concern on  water colour. Do splashing , do some technique by using old toothbrush and more. So, that is main activity that I'll do for the next one month^^

Ok guys!Have a nice day!peace^^

15 December 2010


Cool!! Seremban is just amazing. I never imagine that a lot of interesting places can be visited (actually not really SO many) plus they quite beautiful to be captured by camera. For those who have no camera (just like me), your eyes will satisfy with the panorama^^
Photographers! I bet you guys the panoramas are really phenomenal :)

Few to mention, Taman Tasik Seremban, Masjid Negeri, Taman Malaysia, Penghulu Cantik Playground, Klana Resort (the rate is expensive.huh!), Royale Bintang, A&W, Terminal One,Terminal Two and many more. 

This two days trip on regards accompany my sister for her interview. Rate for our room is cheaper cause we choose to stay in backpackers motel.So, she go for serious interview, I  go for nice trip.yeah!

It is really cool trip somehow. It gives me ideas to produce more artworks. Works to go!!
Have a nice day guys!peace^^

p/s: I want to upload my works but the transmission is weak.Deymn broadband (=_=)

10 December 2010


Now, this is time for me to learn a lot of things out of academic and sure to have enough rest (after six months struggling non stop). First, improve my inking skills and do some manual editing toward my old artworks. Yeah, with the pencils(Faber-Castell), the pieces look even better^^

Megan Fox portrait was finished two days ago. Tulip was finished too. Currently, working on cute girl with veil on A4 paper. And guess what, my sister has gave me two 100s drawing blocks and now, I have no ideas to sketch on my black book^^

Sort of payment, so I need to teach my sister English for preparing her interview on next Wednesday. Simple English (Really hope, it can helps my sister a lot). After that,yeahh!!Trip to KL, start with Broga Hill.Cool isn't?

Have a nice day guys! :D