31 July 2011


It seems like this blog has not been updated for the past two months.sigh*
Sorry guys as I'm still in internship period and a lot of incidents happened during the past two months.And there are more to go drawings that never end.Since I have no printer or even scanner, really hope that one day I can upload all the pieces. One to share below: 

Urbanscape 2011
This was exciting event that you feel no regret to spend every single penny.It was awesome men! :D A lot of crafts..mmm..not really... they were ladies stuffs.sigh*

 Vintage t-shirt that looked extremely cool -and the price quite nice too- And the thing that really made it worth was MUSIC BANDS! A lot of talented bands showed their talent there, and I got a button bedge from MOONSHINE-It was cool though-!There were few photography exhibitions and cool lomo stuffs.Not to mention a lot more gorgeous and ravenous ladies on that day! 

Happened to snap some pictures with Liyana Fizi but still not receive the photos yet!Hopefully, next Urbanscape would be better!Cannot wait for 2012! :D

Adios! Happy weekend! :)