24 February 2012


This piece was my first trial on using colour pencils that I bought using the BB1M vouchers. Yeah, I bought set of watercolours too. *lame.  For this time being, do not expect much cause I am not that familiar enough to experiment with the colours combination, but the basic colours still helping me a lot in order to come out with this so called artwork. 
Like here, I was working on pastels scheme along with dark tone. And it comes with a quote from Joseph Addison that I found interesting to tag along with the piece :D

It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are the more gentle and quiet we become towards the defects of others

06 February 2012

Sketch on the fabric

This post actually regarding to my first attempt do sketch on a fabric. To be specific on my pajama actually. But it is okay as the result is not that bad as I expected earlier on. The problem here is I am not sure about the pen used while transferring the image on the fabric. I guess there are specialized pen for this sort of DIY! So, success with the project thingy now will be back with the real project of using iron paper! Check it out! :D

Ok people! Have a good day ahead :)

03 February 2012


The upgrade in artwork let me to repost it again in the blog! So, have a look at this piece again and again. As the inspiration keeps on coming , the artwork is keep on changing to be better.

Have a good day guys! :D

01 February 2012

Hana Loo 2012

The first debut of Hana Loo Collection owned by my friends has been launched today and the blog is ready to receive order from you guys out there! Hopefully, this online business is going to run smoothly and may it generate good return as well.

So please feel free to click the link or perhaps, if you are interested with the Hana Loo Collection just make the deal with them. They are pretty good I swear! :D

Have a good day guys! :D