06 August 2010

Looking forward

Lying down on my sweet bed while do sketching on my precious sketch book with loud sound from my friend's speaker. That frequency keep on entering my ears with those good and sometime annoying rythm. But I just like it.

Really think on someone that I can rely on except my family and relatives. Some friends that can really accept who I am and be with me all the time. Neither pious nor too kind, just very simple person with such a great mind that I look for.

Pinhole Effect is come from pinhole camera that will focus on the subject. By using CS4 ,you also can turn your photo look like this. Just have short tutorial on this effect. I believe you will be amazed.

Another example:

This is my experiment on changing photo into pinhole style. Really do not expect that the outcome will be like this. So, I take my turn and it turn very nice.

Picture of myself