29 August 2010

Prince of Persia on paper

I was blast by this amazing story, though it already two to three months ago. The actor and also the princess herself, really made me hell fanatic: Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina.

I'm still searching for this movie's figures at the store, but can't look for one. I wonder if I can own like what I had for Avatar.

Prince Dastan
The artwork already finished, just still in queue to be published. Cause of, I'm still doing final touch using CS4 to enhance the details of the artwork.

These are the banners/adverts that inspired me.

 Once I finish touching up the piece, I'll upload it .

28 August 2010

Last nite

Awesome!!Went to cinema and watched The Disperable. The stunts were really freaking me out!!Plus, with food that were bloat yet stretched my stomach to the max. Somehow, I want to share one sentence that really made me thought for a second:

"I am not PERFECT, I am WORTH it"

It was really nice rite? Forget about the movie,below is one of my work. Really focus on detail of her hair and also her mouth cover. :)

Lady Grunge

Currently, I am still working on commision potrait. Hopefully, everything will turn up very good. Have a nice day:)

25 August 2010

Just let the sorrow away

Right before break my fast, though really needs to rush for my meeting; I'm still want to update this blog first. After struggling for couple of hours, managed to produce sketch entitled "Little Baby Yawning".

Despite of many troubles, just be like the baby, still fresh and delicate without knowing the real world is. That basically the desc about this potrait. Hope , all of you enjoy.

 Just want to share my art to everyone.Check it out!

Little Baby Yawning
Really needs to figure out tshirt design.

24 August 2010

Finally- Alice

Thank God,finally the internet connection come back to normal. It really turns me crazy. What I'm going to share is my poster progress. Now, it's already 90% finish and just need minor touch up for the background.

 I can say that the result make me scream  and believe you'll agree. Not for now to show the poster, just wait after 2nd September ya!

Next, my masterpiece after watching "Alice in Wonderland" , the Alice herself from my point of view. Beautiful, blonde girl with aristocrat hat and looks childish, has a pair of shining blue eyes,that's - Alice.


For the blue background ,I used watercolour to brighten the mode. After being scanned , CS4 enhance the colour as I used brush with overlay mode.

This is the result after undergoing colouring process. Alice becomes reality.

17 August 2010

Poster III

This post will serve you numbers of amazing pictures that inspired me to come out with ideas to draw wind and fire elements. Illustration of the artists really make me want to have more of their masterpieces

Cat with a pair of fierce eyes

The lady which try to manipulate the fire


These are all images that really give me a lot of ideas to come out with my poster.

14 August 2010

Poster II

As the previous post, the next element will be water. Below is collection of amazing pictures that I download from internet, and they really inspired me. Really adore artist that own these great masterpieces.

Water 1
Water and Wind

Lady in the Water (Film poster)

Next post will be the pictures that really help me a lot to figure out wind and fire elements.

12 August 2010

Poster I

The progress of my poster is run as I expected. I plan to finish the poster by 1st September and hopefully the output will be great indeed.All these lovely pictures are reference for me and become my guideline along the poster-making process.

Basically there are four elements:

 Water+ Wind+ Land+ Fire = Earth.

The idea is, combination of all these elements into one poster, will represent earth as whole.

Main Earth

The colour will be monotonous, not really striking. Just enough to show the pain of mother earth and let the wording attract more attention from public.

Earth 1

Earth 2

Still not go for wording yet, but roughly the idea is there. Next post, you'll see pictures that inspired me to draw water element.

Headline II

Finally, I managed to change my headline to the latest one. It took almost two hours to come out with the design and to finish it up inside CS4. Really satisfied with the final output, with two different designs, I chose the one that suit this blog the best.

 The complexity and structure of the inked parts really make me feels good. Plus, the new design of "kakikitaseni" text made compliment with the whole picture of the headline. This was my first idea.

First attempt

Then, keep up on thinking different kind of headline, and there was something wrong with the text. So, I changed into this.

Second trial
Next, the size not suit with my blog. So just keep it for future. Next, I created a new headline with full determination and thanks God,I love the details.<3


09 August 2010


Just want to share interesting posters that I found in internet regarding save the nature issue. All the artworks really fascinating and sometimes they have humour in it. Let's have a blast with the great show. 

Just put yourself as a small tree in a trash. Is that feels good?

Please think about "others".Do you?

Be like a water queen. feel good?

Let's rock your arm to work like a bulb. Can you?

Don't let the the nature shows this sign and chases you from its realm.

Hoping for Betterment

Ingrid Michaelson with song "Everybody", really make me graving for more .

Awesome girl with best-hit song

The song is really catchy and automatically  I become one of her fan. Not really fan but as a normal song listener, somehow I prefer her more.

Lately, a lot of events regarding awareness towards our mother earth being organized . Thus, I take this initiative to promote the programs and also enter one competition which is poster drawing in National Green Conference .  2010

Promotion poster about the competition. Very Green~

Save the Earth from NGC2010

  And there is also another event which is Digital Art Competition 2010

Front page of DAC2010 website.Cool~

So, currently I'm still sketching my poster for  NGC2010 and hopefully it will turn good. I will post the picture of my poster later, by the way click on links given and find out more information on their respective website.Bye.

06 August 2010

Looking forward

Lying down on my sweet bed while do sketching on my precious sketch book with loud sound from my friend's speaker. That frequency keep on entering my ears with those good and sometime annoying rythm. But I just like it.

Really think on someone that I can rely on except my family and relatives. Some friends that can really accept who I am and be with me all the time. Neither pious nor too kind, just very simple person with such a great mind that I look for.

Pinhole Effect is come from pinhole camera that will focus on the subject. By using CS4 ,you also can turn your photo look like this. Just have short tutorial on this effect. I believe you will be amazed.

Another example:

This is my experiment on changing photo into pinhole style. Really do not expect that the outcome will be like this. So, I take my turn and it turn very nice.

Picture of myself

05 August 2010

Lost in Time

"Secret" a song by One Republic. Love it very much. Never feels boring to hear it all day long. Now, I'm still aiming to enter one competition which is National Green Conference Poster Drawing which will be held in Universiti Teknologi Petronas this coming soon.

Still wondering some ideas to be sketched according to theme The World without Nature and come out with imagination to represent in form of artwork. It must be digital, so I plan to just scan it through scanner. For the tshirt, after having some discussion, it is nice to print in large amount rather than just a piece.

Below is my old sketch on A4 paper, if I'm not mistaken, I finished this artwork last year on 2009 and just want to share with you. See the girl tries to figure out something about her life. nice~

The background is painted by using watercolour and also oil paint.

01 August 2010

Make it Alive

Just come back from library, after finishing one big sculpture that is made up from polystrene. Today is quite pack with work that need to be done on the sculpture and it will be displayed tomorrow morning. Public can look for it, at  lobby of IRC, and it will stand there for about two months.

The sculpture is basically means harmonious and happiness of Malaysians that live in this beautiful country. The trust between us is  actually the real meaning of independence.My team members for this project  are around six to seven and they struggle hard to build up this masterpiece .

I really satisfy with the outcome and do not really expect that it will turn like that. Right now, have no pictures to be uploaded, so maybe in next couple of days, I'll upload the picture of the sculpture.

Below is my another sketch which concern about beauty of a girl. I have already do inking and for certain part  it was quite difficult. I just have a vision, to print it on a tshirt and that will be good.

I drew this image on a piece of A4 paper and inked with uniPin Fine Line with size 0.2. So, the next project will be to figure out on how to print it out!!Wish me luck.