29 January 2012

A new in 2012

Just another drawing at the beginning of 2012. Just an inspiration after watching a speed painting video posted by my friend at my timeline. For the reason, I was astonished with the water colours techniques used by the artist whilst finishing the painting! One more thing, this piece done within one hour! It is to fast! The painter was pretty amazing :)

Here the video:

Here my piece:

The piece with copyright line

Thank You :)

27 January 2012


What exactly means by fashiontography (fashion photography) ?
There is no exact definition yet but there is a close description found in a forum that I read:
good fashion photography is more like a short film, it needs an atmosphere and a dream, a concept that evolves, originality and good co-ordination between a whole team of creative people ..plus there are too much money involved in any editorial level fashion shoot, those are certainly the most expensive pages of a magazine (hence some 'cheap' mags eg style etc, recently prefer still-life shots instead of real editorials, saves them a huge amount of money, but the effect is certainly not as communicating as a real fashion editorial) 
This post related to fashion a bit and more towards the latest trend of famous brands and their advertisement promotion. Basically, the owner of the blog FASHIONTOGRAPHY is sharing the captivating photos of fashion and the way of the famous photographers living up the models with their skills and taking out all the sensual essence inside the models. By looking to several photos, enough say, it will be such a long way for me to go for having the picture good as below :D

Take a look at these:

All the photos shown are credited to the FASHIONTOGRAPHY blog and may this could be one of your spot to view the latest trend in fashion and reference for good photography skills.

Have a good day ahead :D 

02 January 2012

Malaysian Girl @KLPAC

The year’s most glamorous musical is set to explode on the KL stage. Product of an an award-winning team led by esteemed director Joe Hasham OAM along with producer and theatre doyenne Dato’ Faridah Merican, MALAYSIAN GIRLSwill premiere at klpac followed by a tour to Penang. Come and experience the glitzy world of a beauty pageant told in song, dance and drama on six-inch heels! - KLPAC

I have been to one of the screenplay and it was amazing. The casts were really put a lot of efforts to make the show live and wonderful. Below are the pictures taken before and after the show. So? Make yourself free to go to the KLPAC website and mark your own date for the next show.