My Profile

my name is imran.i am a tech student.i love to draw and portrait would be my priority.i do love pet especially cat.i love to sleep the whole day long, and when i wake up all ideas come to me continuosly.i am able to sit in my room, lock myself for the whole day if and only if with me are my sketch books, set of faber - castell pencils, rubber, tortillion, mechanical pencil, my graphite woodless pencil and  a bottle of water with some cookies.

i love photography even i don't own any camera.i like to see beautifull photos, paintings and drawings.i really do love to jump when people want to take my picture.i love to go outing with cameraman and look how they snap love to see the world from my own perspective.i have my own dream.everyone should has one.i love to smile.i do care what people say as long as it is concern on me.i love my old design nokia phone.

i love a sketch book given by my friend.i adore with people that unleash their talent and never give up to try a new thing.i have buddy that good in photography.i want to own a studio.i love arts and cute stuff, figures,gadjets and art mags.i am noob in digital art.yes, i do.i still learn and to use photoshop.i don't have my driving license.i love my laptop.

i love to have simple life.i like to speak with people.i love to eat.i love to learn new things.i love my Vans and Everlast shoes.i appreciate everything around me .i love my artworks, family,friends, art stuff and sure my God.i love to live till now.^^