09 August 2010

Hoping for Betterment

Ingrid Michaelson with song "Everybody", really make me graving for more .

Awesome girl with best-hit song

The song is really catchy and automatically  I become one of her fan. Not really fan but as a normal song listener, somehow I prefer her more.

Lately, a lot of events regarding awareness towards our mother earth being organized . Thus, I take this initiative to promote the programs and also enter one competition which is poster drawing in National Green Conference .  2010

Promotion poster about the competition. Very Green~

Save the Earth from NGC2010

  And there is also another event which is Digital Art Competition 2010

Front page of DAC2010 website.Cool~

So, currently I'm still sketching my poster for  NGC2010 and hopefully it will turn good. I will post the picture of my poster later, by the way click on links given and find out more information on their respective website.Bye.