23 March 2011

Fara Dyba II

These pictures were taken by FaridMazlan. This basically an experiment towards fashion and portfolio photoshooting. Almost 800 shots in total! So, for those who are interested to know the photographer just click the link!! And please do hire him! :D  You won't regret! As the model and the photographer happy with the pieces, I could say that it was great and really worth it! Thanks FD & FM :D

peace!!Have a nice day :D

09 March 2011

Funeral (Watercolour Part 2)

This is one of favorite piece inside my watercolour collection. It took about one week to finish and I was quite satisfied with this 800x300 sized (acid-free paper) piece. My inspiration were peace sign, bright and cold colours, lilac flower and bohemian abstracts as well! A beautiful lady that close to her death and she did not noticed who will she deal with.

By having Dakota Austin poem that was already describing the meaning of the piece, made it looked even better:D

Have a nice day.peace! (+.+)V