24 August 2010

Finally- Alice

Thank God,finally the internet connection come back to normal. It really turns me crazy. What I'm going to share is my poster progress. Now, it's already 90% finish and just need minor touch up for the background.

 I can say that the result make me scream  and believe you'll agree. Not for now to show the poster, just wait after 2nd September ya!

Next, my masterpiece after watching "Alice in Wonderland" , the Alice herself from my point of view. Beautiful, blonde girl with aristocrat hat and looks childish, has a pair of shining blue eyes,that's - Alice.


For the blue background ,I used watercolour to brighten the mode. After being scanned , CS4 enhance the colour as I used brush with overlay mode.

This is the result after undergoing colouring process. Alice becomes reality.