31 July 2010


This is my experiment on manipulating your picture to comic-look. It not either easy or hard, but for intermediate it is worth to try for. For beginner like me, you will learn a lot on how to control iostroke and adjustment layer as well.

 I'm quite satisfy with the result and try to apply it for my other photo collection perhaps. The tutorial can be viewed inside PSHERO and don't forget to make one.

Picture before editing

After editing ,this is the picture

Hope, everyone enjoy it!!

30 July 2010


It really nice to see repetition in picture. Actually I got this idea after look into David Airey Website, which is a talented graphic designer and his website is really informative. Just click on it !

 A lot of information are shared and it covers most of aspects like art, photography and etc. So, I did a little bit experiment with my model. I turned her picture into sephia and artistic mode and copy paste it in one frame. Maybe next post, I'll show you on how to turn your photo into classic mode.
"A single image is okay"
"But the same image ,when multiplied number of times, is often  irresistible"
          - BOB GILL- American Illustrator and Graphic Designer

One picture is beautiful.

Many picture even more beautiful.

29 July 2010

My Girl is Crying

I know maybe some of my actions will hurt her. It just like I've no idea on what she is thinking and what action should I do. For the first time, love make me feel very bad eventhough it just an abstract feeling that no one ever know.

It just between me and you. It seems that being hurt by the one whom treat you  as a friend is not the same with person that you love. Maybe it still new, and a lot more aspects need to be discovered. Hopefully, this pain at this early stage may turn to even better understanding and compatibility in the future.

 For my mistakes, I really hope you will forgive me, and make this relationship cross the boundary.

Here, I attached with my old sketch and I hope all of you enjoy it. It actually reminisce the struggle of angel that has strength to protect this world.

I really expect that she would be like this angel. By using watercolour I managed to come out with this picture and hope you will like it. peace.

27 July 2010

My Sandra

Here, I serve you with my new drawing, which I named as My Sandra. She is a girl that is known as very polite and warm as well as a little bit of greedy indeep of her.

By using CS4, I coloured My Sandra with tools that are provided and most of time I used brushes with overlay mode. This drawing is actually remind me about  our mother earth, where advanced life has evolved and awareness for us to appreciate it as it will not last any longer.

Comparison between angles' beauty and the lake that has stagnant water with birds that fly high on the sky are actually the panorama that we cannot missed. I spent almost two hours and half to finish this masterpiece.

At first sight:

After do editing:
So, this is result after I finished my editing. It consumed a lot of idea to come out with this kind of effect. As a newbie, I think My Sandra is almost to the standard that I stated before.

26 July 2010

Artist of the Day: MARTINE JOHANNA

I adore her so much. She has everything needed by an artist. She has a look and also skill to draw and sketch as well. If you look into her art, she focuses on human body especially girl and it consists of a little bit nudity.

Not really little bit, it is almost exposes the whole body. Potraits, that is drew by this artist are amazing and really nice to show on your wall. Martine Johanna is the one who I described above. No wonder she has this great talent because she graduated from Acdemy of arts Amhem in Master of arts.

Below is the masterpieces done by this artist , and currently is shown to public in POPJUGEND, gallery MAIJKE HUSSTEGE, DEN BOSCH 2010.

Below is one of her masterpiece

22 July 2010


This was my sketch dedicated to my beloved one. I really hope she like this very much and feel happy when look at it. It symbolize happiness in deep of these couple which can be seen on the girl face. She look very cute and we can see how she appreciate the special kiss~

It took about 30 minutes to finish this art and it was my first attempt to draw two faces in one A4 paper. It really turn me crazy but, at last I managed to finish this potret. Thanks to Reader Digest as inspired me,  and the issue entitled "LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS". The picture was at the first page of this February issue.

Last 20th July 2010, I gave this potret to my beloved one, and she really love it. Thanks for that dear. Hopefully, you will care of me more and our relationship can be better as time passing by.

Last touch, before I gave to my beloved one, with 2 cans of Coca-Cola and a stack of Reader's Digest.

21 July 2010

See the new headline picture

It was actually my own younger brother with my nephews. Hangout around Gemas Railway Station and had a very good day with fresh breeze from train. Pfttttt!! not really fresh. Fortunately, it was really nice outing, a lot of Gemas parts that we're still not comfortable with. Just railway station was the best place that you want to shoot any pictures. Even, wedding photographers come here to have nice pictures with their customers. I do editing with the photo and it turned out unexpectedly. Woowww, I quite amazing with myself.

This was the picture before went for editing:

This was just a very subtle picture with no interest to look for, but then it was turn very well after you edit with CS4. even beginner can do so.
Check it out!!!

This was the picture after editing. And now it became my head blog picture with title "stesen Gemas 2010":

I was really shock with the output but then, thanks to my lil bro who always beside me and came out with this crazy photoshoot outing~

Where have I been?

It was quite long time, i've not been touching this blog, as had quite a lot commitment with something else.
But, then I come out today, with my own first artwork, that i did by using my precious 2B pencil, even there is a lot of thing need to be corrected. yaaaaa, I'm still not too expert, but it is not even a big mistake if I try. I think you do so, cause it even better then you just sit back and relax.

Enjoy my editing version of my dream girl.
The first picture will tell you how it's look before I customized with colours by using CS4.It need a lot of hardwork actually, to newbie like me, to get along with CS4.wowwww!!!there are a lot of think that you can do inside that tiny-small prgoram with really big-head impact!!!

This is how it look before my girl come into princess from heaven look.You may say she kind a very pious women with a little bit confusion and the green colour on her shirt is actually claim a calmness and to relieve the mood!Actually this women have a pair of beautifull eyess and I try to turn it look like a big shining glass ball.So, by using CS4, it turned like this:

And this is my real girl, come out with very bright eyes and have adorable appearance. And again thank to CS4. My girl really turn to awesome.