21 July 2010

Where have I been?

It was quite long time, i've not been touching this blog, as had quite a lot commitment with something else.
But, then I come out today, with my own first artwork, that i did by using my precious 2B pencil, even there is a lot of thing need to be corrected. yaaaaa, I'm still not too expert, but it is not even a big mistake if I try. I think you do so, cause it even better then you just sit back and relax.

Enjoy my editing version of my dream girl.
The first picture will tell you how it's look before I customized with colours by using CS4.It need a lot of hardwork actually, to newbie like me, to get along with CS4.wowwww!!!there are a lot of think that you can do inside that tiny-small prgoram with really big-head impact!!!

This is how it look before my girl come into princess from heaven look.You may say she kind a very pious women with a little bit confusion and the green colour on her shirt is actually claim a calmness and to relieve the mood!Actually this women have a pair of beautifull eyess and I try to turn it look like a big shining glass ball.So, by using CS4, it turned like this:

And this is my real girl, come out with very bright eyes and have adorable appearance. And again thank to CS4. My girl really turn to awesome.

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