27 July 2010

My Sandra

Here, I serve you with my new drawing, which I named as My Sandra. She is a girl that is known as very polite and warm as well as a little bit of greedy indeep of her.

By using CS4, I coloured My Sandra with tools that are provided and most of time I used brushes with overlay mode. This drawing is actually remind me about  our mother earth, where advanced life has evolved and awareness for us to appreciate it as it will not last any longer.

Comparison between angles' beauty and the lake that has stagnant water with birds that fly high on the sky are actually the panorama that we cannot missed. I spent almost two hours and half to finish this masterpiece.

At first sight:

After do editing:
So, this is result after I finished my editing. It consumed a lot of idea to come out with this kind of effect. As a newbie, I think My Sandra is almost to the standard that I stated before.

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