26 July 2010

Artist of the Day: MARTINE JOHANNA

I adore her so much. She has everything needed by an artist. She has a look and also skill to draw and sketch as well. If you look into her art, she focuses on human body especially girl and it consists of a little bit nudity.

Not really little bit, it is almost exposes the whole body. Potraits, that is drew by this artist are amazing and really nice to show on your wall. Martine Johanna is the one who I described above. No wonder she has this great talent because she graduated from Acdemy of arts Amhem in Master of arts.

Below is the masterpieces done by this artist , and currently is shown to public in POPJUGEND, gallery MAIJKE HUSSTEGE, DEN BOSCH 2010.

Below is one of her masterpiece

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