21 July 2010

See the new headline picture

It was actually my own younger brother with my nephews. Hangout around Gemas Railway Station and had a very good day with fresh breeze from train. Pfttttt!! not really fresh. Fortunately, it was really nice outing, a lot of Gemas parts that we're still not comfortable with. Just railway station was the best place that you want to shoot any pictures. Even, wedding photographers come here to have nice pictures with their customers. I do editing with the photo and it turned out unexpectedly. Woowww, I quite amazing with myself.

This was the picture before went for editing:

This was just a very subtle picture with no interest to look for, but then it was turn very well after you edit with CS4. even beginner can do so.
Check it out!!!

This was the picture after editing. And now it became my head blog picture with title "stesen Gemas 2010":

I was really shock with the output but then, thanks to my lil bro who always beside me and came out with this crazy photoshoot outing~

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