29 July 2010

My Girl is Crying

I know maybe some of my actions will hurt her. It just like I've no idea on what she is thinking and what action should I do. For the first time, love make me feel very bad eventhough it just an abstract feeling that no one ever know.

It just between me and you. It seems that being hurt by the one whom treat you  as a friend is not the same with person that you love. Maybe it still new, and a lot more aspects need to be discovered. Hopefully, this pain at this early stage may turn to even better understanding and compatibility in the future.

 For my mistakes, I really hope you will forgive me, and make this relationship cross the boundary.

Here, I attached with my old sketch and I hope all of you enjoy it. It actually reminisce the struggle of angel that has strength to protect this world.

I really expect that she would be like this angel. By using watercolour I managed to come out with this picture and hope you will like it. peace.

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