26 November 2010

The Hospital

After a long waiting, finally I'm able to update this blog. Not to mean that I'm free from final examination, just I still have two days for preparing my last paper ^^.

The Hospital with White Uniform Lady

What's new? yup! I would love to share with you guys some picture that were taken during my visit to a hospital around Perak. The previous post already mentioned about the visit. So, take a look on the post if you want to know more.

These are the photos:

This is the aisle that looks like jail structure^^

Scary pink little bear that is owned by one of the patient there^^

From the patient's  eye view(I did sit on the bed, and snapped this picture)^^


Again Experiment^^
Now, it's already 4 a.m. and I'm about to sleep.Those people who'll sit for final paper today, best of luck! Gambatek!!^^

Have a nice Friday!!peace^^