10 November 2010


Amazing!The hospital looks really awesome.The architecture is nice and old-school.I mean it !This evening I was visiting my friend in hospital nearby. I never been there before and do not expect that the hospital has kind a british colonial-look with a few SEROJA plants at the gate.(plant that produces white flowers and smell good which you can always see at the cemetry +_+)Cool! ^^ 

There was Malay traditional crafting along the roof ( I'm not sure, but it looks very classic). The wards were open space where connected directly to the veranda (yeah, even you can yell to your friend from the hospital compound!^^) whereby you can play peek-a-boo while visiting your friend. Luckily,my friend brought his DSLR camera and I was excitedly used it like crazy.

I could say that the DSLR was in my hand for the whole day!yeah!! A lot of pictures were snapped and some of them looked totally creepy and horror. With gloomy and quiet surrounding, faded paint on the wall, an old chair beside the bed that was waiting for people to sit on it, a dusty fan that was rotating endlessly while you can hear its sound.crack!crack! +_+ and you could hear voices from the patient nearby and also saw nurses were changing old patient's pampers. It really made you behave for a while. Nope, for a second! You can't stop yourself to take pictures inside this hospital.^^

So, this is my latest design (using the same subject):

My second trial
Want to see the hospital's pictures? Wait for the next post!