10 December 2010


Now, this is time for me to learn a lot of things out of academic and sure to have enough rest (after six months struggling non stop). First, improve my inking skills and do some manual editing toward my old artworks. Yeah, with the pencils(Faber-Castell), the pieces look even better^^

Megan Fox portrait was finished two days ago. Tulip was finished too. Currently, working on cute girl with veil on A4 paper. And guess what, my sister has gave me two 100s drawing blocks and now, I have no ideas to sketch on my black book^^

Sort of payment, so I need to teach my sister English for preparing her interview on next Wednesday. Simple English (Really hope, it can helps my sister a lot). After that,yeahh!!Trip to KL, start with Broga Hill.Cool isn't?

Have a nice day guys! :D