08 November 2010


Have a short break after 3 hours studying and memorizing facts and info. Pathetically, 3 hours per chapter! Nice^^.Software Engineering very interesting subject and I bet you'll love it as I am.Unfortunately, its unable to make me feel interested.Sorry V_V. While I'm updating my blog, the lecture notes are waiting for me to be read perhaps to be used as my pillow later on.Yeah,pillow!

 Leave my study for a while, I want to share something with you guys about my latest design. Yeah, I can say it is my first serious attempt to come out with digital design, but still using my conventional artwork. The diferent is : the artwork being modified by using photoshop CS3 (the only photo manipulation software that I know to use). The result really simple and nothing to be impressed (I still impressed with myself^^)so do not dare to compare with people who already expert then.^^

Check this out!

My first trial
Maybe after this, I will come out with new design, by using the same subject.~peace~