18 October 2011


This story is about my trip to Sabah.Yup, last week I went to Sabah. As cliched as what most people say, Sabah is beautiful, indeed it is!The beauty can be seen from the mountain high to the ocean deep.Yeah, not that really you have to climb till the peak of Mount Kinabalu, enough with a glimpse of that majestic mountain.

Do scroll below to enjoy my moments at Sabah!

Mount Kinabalu
The islands? A lot. And not too much if I say , you feel like in a world's paradise.The corals were just inches a way from you. The colours & structures were truly magnificent.The fishes were swimming happily next to you and they were super-duper friendly with people around too.Nothing to worry. 

Eagle view
Oxygen? They were abundant there.Don't say that you have not enough oxygen.Sabah is the main supplier of the precious gas. Famous with absolute nature like flora and fauna till  the   world knows Sabah as the Heart of Borneo. Nowhere else you could discover this nature of thousand-millions age alley as what Sabah can give! 

Manukan Island
Canopy Walk
Plus, what made this trip awesome? Because I went there with people that were really great. Thank you guys!

Great People at Mamutik Island
Awesome People at Jesselton Point
So, plan a journey of yours! Bye :)