27 October 2011

Pop Art

As mentioned in the topic, it is POP ART

pop' art'

"an art movement that began in the U.S. in the 1950s and reached its peak of activity in the 1960s, chose as its subject matter the anonymous, everyday, standardized, and banal iconography in American life, as comic strips, billboards, commercial products, and celebrity images, and dealt with them typically in such forms as outsize commercially smooth paintings, mechanically reproduced silkscreens, large-scale facsimiles, and soft sculptures.See also : Pop Art

Check this Pop Art Gallery > Get Pop Art

Scroll below to see what Google has for pop art: 
Jimmy Choo Pop Art 2008 by Richard Phillips
Another artwork by Richard Phillips
Marilyn Monroe 1967 by Andy Warhol 
Coca-Cola Pop Art by Guy Peellaert
Kakikitaseni Pop Art 2011
Personally, I adore very much artworks presented by Richard Phillips. The way he manipulated his inspiration creatively into Pop Art really amazing, till worldwide known his large-scale glossy hyper-realistic artworks. He used pictorial magazine style and it is kind a trademark for the masterpieces. Cool rite?

So, if you are Pop Art enthusiasts, why don't you try to produce one? It is worth the effort.

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