05 March 2013

Commissioned Artwork : Header for "DESIGNER AROUND US"

The sketch so called, before editing phase

The final outcome with some colour enhancement using ADOBE

Snapshot of the Designer Around Us page

This design was inspired by transforming the power of unbounded ideas among designers around the globe into earthling elements, which explains why there are birds in sky and fishes in water.These freedom and powerful symbolism in both the water and the air , it defined how the creativity could reach beyond the sky and the meaning could be as deep as blue ocean. Geometric patterns, impressive soft-pink roses, flowing lines, described the quality of the designers in term of imagination, innovation, creativity, and magnificent colours yet defined the real world of people in this art-field. The appearance of small head-sketch at the right bottom of the header - could only means the next designer extraordinaire - YOU! 

So, next step why dont you just go to Designer Around Us site, and read through the contents. Indeed this website is really good. Thumbs up! :)

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