19 January 2011

Blood Sucker

Viewing some excellent photoblogs, with a lot of breath taking pictures. I wonder how they were able to shoot these great pieces. It must be the talent that behold by the photographers. Not now for me to own a camera, but I'll dream to have it in the future  somehow. Guys, nice quotation I would love to share :

Ask yourself honestly, what do you truly want, do you want to be jack of all trade, master of none or do you want to be really good at something? It is up for you to decide ~ Wazari Wazir
Here, I post new work which is pencil portrait of blood sucker Robert Pattinson.

This piece just took only one week to get finish. Using pencils and A3 acid-free paper. For the next post I'll upload my very first project using watercolour and kind a typography on the pieces. Wait ya! ;D

peace!Check the next post! :D